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Alcohol and marijuana are the two most commonly abused drugs in the United States, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). In 2012, nearly 18 million people in the U.S. had problems with substance abuse and about 4 million met the criteria for marijuana abuse. Prescription medication and cocaine are the next most commonly abused drugs.
The answer depends on a variety of factors, including age, biological predisposition, and environment. It also depends on your body’s tolerance for the substance you’re using, as drugs can affect people differently. Family history of substance abuse and addiction also contribute to the development of this disorder. If you’re concerned that you may have a drug or alcohol addiction, seek help immediately to get the treatment you need.
Substance abuse can spiral out of control if left untreated with potentially lethal consequences, including overdosing as well an increased risk for neurological impairments, heart and liver disease, participation in dangerous activities (including driving under the influence), self-harmful behaviors, and suicide. Substance abuse shouldn’t be taken lightly, and it’s vital to seek treatment.

How to treat Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

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Treatment Options for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Dual Diagnosis Residential

Dual Diagnosis Residential

A residential treatment program specializing in treating all genders with complex co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.
Women-only Residential​

Women-only Residential

An internationally known residential treatment program known for its expertise in treating women diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, emotional deregulation, and acute psychiatric disorders.
Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient Treatment

Ideal as a step down from residential treatment or a step up from traditional outpatient care, we offer Partial Hospitalization (5-days a week) and Intensive Outpatient (3-days a week) programs for all genders.

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