Are Electronics Allowed in Drug Rehab?

Some people might be dissuaded by the idea of entering a residential drug rehab facility because they think they will
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Can I Bring My Phone to Rehab?Some people might be dissuaded by the idea of entering a residential drug rehab facility because they think they will be shut off from the entire world, and will not have access to even some of their favorite electronic gadgets. However, this is not true. While different drug rehabs have different rules when it comes to bringing electronics, few facilities put a complete ban on them.

Understanding the Importance of Restrictions

Restrictions on not bringing electronics with you to drug rehab are in place for a reason. When you enter a drug rehab facility, your chances of recovery will be better if you do not have many distractions around. While electronics can be very useful and can provide needed entertainment, they can sometimes act as a source of distraction for you.
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The focus of drug rehab is your psychological, emotional, and mental growth. This growth might be hindered if you’re constantly in touch with other people through your cell phone or computer or distracted by other electronics. Taking a break from electronics while you’re in drug rehab can allow you to focus on the issues at hand.

Electronics That are not Allowed in Drug Rehab

Devices like cell phones, PDAs, wireless devices, and laptops are generally not allowed in drug rehab, at least in the initial phases of residential treatment. Some drug rehabs may also not let you use iPods or MP3 players, DVD players, or electronic book reading devices.

However, do not get worked up about the fact that you won’t have your cell phone with you. You will have limited phone time throughout the week when you can talk to family and close friends. If you need Internet for some important work, you can always request that you be provided access for a limited time.

Electronics That are Allowed in Drug Rehab

Items such as hair dryers, curling irons, or electric shavers are generally allowed to be brought with you to drug rehab. However, you may have to get them checked for safety before they are allowed inside the rehab facility.

Do Your Homework

Before you enter a drug rehab facility, you should check with the staff to see what electronics are or are not permissible so that you can be prepared. For example, if a drug rehab doesn’t allow laptops or e-book readers, you can be sure to bring some books or magazines with you to read.

Your drug rehab may give you permission to bring certain electronic gadgets that are necessary for your well-being or health. For example, if you have diabetes and require a glucometer to track your blood glucose, the drug rehab should allow it.

Some drug rehab centers are more restrictive when it comes to electronics at the beginning of treatment, and allow you more access as you progress. While you may be frustrated by the idea of not having access to your cell phone, laptop, or other electronics during the initial days of drug rehab, remember that the point of drug rehab is to focus on healing and recovery. The fewer distractions you have, the better chance you’ll have for a successful drug rehab experience.

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