2023 Clinical Outcomes and Key Findings

About Clearview Treatment Programs

For over 20 years, Clearview Treatment Programs has been a trusted provider, dually licensed to treat mental health and substance abuse disorders for adults. We also specialize in borderline personality disorder (BPD) with clinical excellence in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).

At Clearview, we offer a specialized full continuum of care with residential centers and outpatient treatment options, allowing clients to enter at the level of treatment that is best for sustained recovery.

Why Clearview?

Download a PDF Version of Odyssey’s Mental Health Residential Services Outcomes Report

Clinically Excellent Psychiatric Treatment Informed By Research

Our network uses BASIS-24 to identify a wide range of symptoms across the diagnostic spectrum. Using a five-point Likert scale, the 24 questions are scored using a weighted average algorithm that gives an overall score and scores for six subscales that cover the following domains: depression, relationships, self-harm, emotional liability, psychosis, and substance abuse. The questionnaire was administered at admission, mid-treatment, or every 30 days, and again at discharge.

2023 Client Demographics

Total Discharges: 275

Primary Diagnosis

Secondary Diagnosis

Patient Complexity

81% of clients had 2 or more co-occurring diagnoses confirmed at admission


2023 Outcomes: Residential Services

2023 Clinical Outcomes

2-Year Longitudinal Average


What Our Clients, Their Families, and Clinical Partners Are Saying

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Words can't describe how much Clearview Women's Center has done for me. Dialectical Behavior Therapy isn't only for Borderline Personality Disorder. The skills I have learned around Distress Tolerance, Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation and Interpersonal Effectiveness have given me strategies to use daily in life. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or any other mental health need, Clearview is for you. - Jill R.
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As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I have made Clearview my number on referral for all levels of treatment they have to offer. I have even made personal referrals to them. From their out reach coordinator to the treating therapist I have had only good experiences. My clients and friends have reported the program was life changing. My client's personal work has enhanced more after treatment. I highly recommend Clearview. - Richard B.
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The family atmosphere and support of Clearview was a truly beautiful environment to recover in. This is the first treatment center that I feel truly made a difference. I’m living proof. Thank you. - Anonymous

Download the PDF Version of Odyssey’s Mental Health Residential Services Outcomes Report