Addiction with
Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders

Premier treatment program for co-occurring substance use disorder and mental illness

A dual diagnosis means an individual has both a drug or alcohol addiction and a mental health disorder, like depression, anxiety, or borderline personality disorder (BPD). Many people struggling with mental illness use alcohol or drugs to find relief from their symptoms, which can ultimately exacerbate those symptoms and make their substance abuse issues worse.

The first step to successfully treating co-occurring substance use disorder and mental illness is to address the acute effects of drug or alcohol abuse, since substances can mask mental health disorder symptoms that need to be addressed. Drug or alcohol addiction can also create symptoms that resemble a mental illness, often leading to misdiagnosis and improper treatment. The best treatment for a dual diagnosis addresses both the addiction and the mental illness so that clients can make a complete recovery from both.


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Set in a quiet suburb, clients in Clearview’s treatment program for addiction with co-occurring mental illness stay in comfortable homes like the two seen below. Peaceful outdoor spaces, an open floor plan, and upgraded amenities provide an ideal environment for rest and recovery. Our residential spaces are located close to our main treatment facilities, where clients meet with our clinical teams during the week for both group and individual therapy sessions.

What We Treat

Our treatment program for co-occurring addiction and mental illness takes an integrated and evidence-based approach to treating clients with dual diagnoses. This approach helps each client address and successfully resolve the underlying causes of their substance abuse while effectively treating a range of mental health disorders, including:

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With over 20 years of proven experience, Clearview can help you or a loved one on the path to recovery from a dual diagnosis.

Our Therapies

Treatment at Clearview involves a variety of evidence-based therapies that help clients maintain their sobriety and address their mental health issues. We help our clients build the skills they need to thrive, both during their time in treatment and beyond.

At our residential treatment center for addiction and co-occurring mental illness, clients participate in intensive group and individual therapy that includes dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) , motivational interviewing, and mindfulness.

In addition to evidence-based onsite therapy groups and sessions, clients participate in daily 12-step meetings in the community, as well as 12-step study groups. Sample weekly schedules for our residential treatment facility can be accessed here.

Why Choose Clearview for Residential Treatment for Co-Occurring Addiction and Mental Health Disorders?

Clearview Treatment Programs was founded in 2000 and is nationally recognized as a leader in treatment for addictions and psychiatric disorders. We specialize in treating complex diagnoses, allowing us to provide help to those who haven’t found lasting success in other treatment programs.

Clearview is also one of the few programs in the country that offers comprehensive dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) for treating dual diagnoses. DBT is extremely effective in treating substance abuse and a variety of psychiatric disorders, which is why it plays such a vital role in our integrated treatment plans for addiction and co-occurring psychiatric conditions.