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Nothing about addiction is simple – including deciding on a treatment program. From intensive outpatient programs to behavioral therapy programs,
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Rehab away from home can be your best choiceNothing about addiction is simple – including deciding on a treatment program. From intensive outpatient programs to behavioral therapy programs, residential dual diagnosis treatment programs and more, many factors must be taken into account. You not only need to determine which kind of treatment program is right for you and seek out a facility that offers the kind of therapy you need, but you must also decide where you will undergo addiction treatment. Should you stick close to home or find a facility that is far away, possibly even out of state?
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Addiction treatment centers are sprinkled all across the country, which makes it easy to find a program that is close to home. Despite this, many people opt to travel out of town (or state) to receive treatment. Although this may seem inconvenient at first, there are many benefits to leaving your comfortable surroundings behind to overcome an addiction. Making the right choice about whether to stay close to home or head to a treatment facility farther away could be vital to your success in the long run.

Benefits of Receiving Treatment Away from Home

Many factors need to be taken into consideration before choosing an addiction treatment program. Location may seem like a minor detail when so much else needs to be taken into consideration while searching for the right treatment center, but the location of your rehab facility can play a huge part in your recovery.

Financial Reasons

A number of patients look first to their insurance provider to determine which treatment center facilities are covered under their benefits program. Some insurance plans offer many different treatment options, but other insurance programs may be more limited as far as what they cover. It is not uncommon for patients to seek treatment at out-of-state facilities to gain assistance in paying for their therapy.


Seeking addiction treatment is a very personal matter for many people. For some, choosing a local treatment facility opens them up to scrutiny. Nobody needs the added stress of running into someone you know at a treatment facility, who might talk about you with others about your personal struggles. You may also know one of the staff members at a local facility, which can compromise your treatment.  If this is a concern to you, a rehab facility far from home may be a good option.

Better Treatment Options

Some cities do not have high-quality treatment options available to residents, making travel the better choice. Those who are willing to travel to undergo treatment can open up thousands of options at more than 17,500 treatment centers across the country. This enables patients to be more selective when looking for a program that best suits their unique needs.

Changing Your Perspective

Packing up your things and heading away from home can change your perspective, getting you into the mindset that you are on a journey toward recovery. You will be starting that journey somewhere new, which can help to reinforce your commitment to sobriety and your treatment plan.

Commitment to a New Lifestyle

Leaving home to obtain treatment is the first sign of your commitment to a whole new lifestyle. Moving away from your current environment for a period of time can give you the strength and clarity to get started on doing the work needed to recover.

No Backing Out

Many facilities are voluntary, meaning that you can come and go as you please. When seeking addiction treatment at a facility far from home, some of the temptation to walk away and head home to a more familiar setting is reduced.  The added barrier of having no easy way to get back home to the same difficult environment can increase your chances of completing the program.

Avoiding Distractions

It is important to have as few distractions as possible when seeking treatment for addiction. It is vital that you focus on yourself and the problem you face as much as possible. Outside contributing factors (including relationships, work, and school) can be a hindrance for some people.  Although it is normal to want your loved ones near you to support you, sometimes people focus more on their friends and family instead of their recovery. When attending a rehab facility out of state, you have no option but to focus on yourself. For some people, it is not until the moment when they are truly freed from all distractions that they can focus entirely on getting better.

Escaping Bad Situations

A rehab program that is close to home may be counterproductive for you. If you are in close proximity to the places you associate with drug use, you may be tempted to fall back into the same destructive behavior. Or perhaps you need to get away from negative relationships with friends or family that serve as a trigger to abuse drugs. The best thing for your recovery may be for you to remove yourself entirely from such situations.

Although some people may do better in a treatment program that is close to home, others may benefit from seeking treatment far away. It is important that you weigh your options and decide what is best for you, so you can get the help you need in order to live a happy, meaningful life free of the burden of addiction.

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