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Alumni Community and SupportLiving with mental illness or substance use disorder can be very challenging. Those who struggle with these disorders and don’t obtain treatment often find that trying to lead a normal life is extremely difficult and may even seem impossible. Mental health services and substance use treatment can enable those who struggle with these challenges to work toward leading a much more rewarding life.

Every September, National Recovery Month is observed to help educate people about these challenges and about the gains and successes made by those in recovery.  The message of this observance is that treatment is effective, that people can and do recover and that behavioral health is an important component in overall health.

Recovery is Possible

Too often those with substance use disorder or mental health challenges are portrayed in the media as having a condition that is hopeless and continually leads to relapse or ends with self-destruction. What’s not portrayed often enough are the stories of people who are able to find the tools and support systems needed to lead a peaceful and productive life.
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Those who have physical illnesses such as diabetes, cancer or heart disease are celebrated when they attain recovery. Those who have substance use disorder or mental illness who face and overcome these disorders deserve to be celebrated as well, and that’s the goal of National Recovery Month.

Raising Awareness with National Recovery Month

Each year, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) sponsors National Recovery Month with the goal of improving knowledge and awareness of recovery from mental illness and substance use. This year is the 29th year that National Recovery Month has been observed.

There are thousands of recovery programs and treatment facilities around the country that celebrate National Recovery Month every September.  Stories are shared about gains made in recovery to help people have a greater understanding of substance use disorders and mental health disorders, particularly the potential for people to recover from these disorders and reclaim their lives.

Celebrating Recovery Service Providers

In addition to celebrating the successes of people who are in recovery, National Recovery Month aims to celebrate the providers that help to make recovery possible for so many people.  Treatment and recovery service providers dedicate their lives to helping people who struggle with substance use or mental illness. They offer the guidance needed for people in recovery to learn the skills required to lead their best lives.

During National Recovery Month, members of the community are encouraged to help to spread the message and improve the availability of services for those who need them. This includes:

  • Treatment
  • Prevention
  • Education and increasing awareness
  • Support and recognition of service providers

National Recovery Month 2018

Recovery Month has a different theme each year, and this year’s theme is Join the Voices of Recovery: Invest in Health, Home, Purpose and Community. Recovery is a journey that in most cases can’t be accomplished by just the individual alone. Topics being explored this year included how integrated care, leadership, a strong community and a sense of purpose can make a big difference in recovery efforts for those with substance use and mental health disorders.

Each year, SAMHSA provides a Recovery Month Toolkit to help in efforts to promote this national observation. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to spread a positive message that behavioral health is very important to overall health, and that there are treatment methods that have the ability to successfully change lives and promote recovery.

During Recovery Month, inspiring stories are highlighted with the hope that people will hear the message that mental illness and substance use disorders don’t have to destroy lives. It’s possible to find a path to hope, health and wellness. It’s possible to change, to heal and to recover.

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